Openspace was made for
business conversations

Built like a vault; secure and made for enterprise clients

Enterprise-grade data protection

Openspace is using industry-
accepted best practices and frameworks.
Your conversations are end-to-end encrypted.
They are never stored, monitored or saved.
So you can be sure no one is monetizing
your company's conversations.


Built for scale

Get peace of mind knowing we can scale with you.
We can support your business with unlimited spaces and
upto 100,000 participants on any space.

Group 66

Get 30% more productivity

Many studies show that audio only has a higher social
engagement and produces more tangible results.
Projects are done quicker, salespeople sell more,
the sky is the limit.


Better Inclusion = Better Results

Your team members are your best asset.
Don't let video stage fright slience them.
Open up the conversation and let the magic flow.